[REQUEST] Multiple double chests of a single items in auctions

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by JackBiggin, Sep 18, 2012.

  1. As I think we all know, you have to auction a double chest of an item to keep it valid (expect for enchants/Fluffy the dragon eggs) - which personally, I'm very much for since it keeps the value of auctions up. However, you can only auction one double chest, no two, not three, not 9001. Just one.

    Here's my request/idea/suggestion/whatever else you want to call it: can we please be allowed to auction multiple double chests of the same item. The value of auctions wont go down with this, and I don't see any confusion being caused. Keep the same rules, no single chests, no double chest and 7 1/2 stacks, just with multiple double chests (of course, one double chest would still be allowable).
  2. I'm with you Jackbiggin it whould be better.
  3. Sounds like a good idea from my point of view...
  4. Sounds good! Tomato approved!
  5. The tomato approved it...
    Nothing to do :eek:
  6. Agreed - as long as it is the same item, I don't see why not
  7. I was hoping that this would be implemented, awesome!