[REQUEST] Looking for a building companion!

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  1. Hello Emperians!

    I come to you with a request, I'm looking for a person that has experience with building big mansion with a haunted theme, I've got a project for which I'm in need of a creepy mansion and a lot of creepy stuff around it.

    Main building material: Black wool

    If you're interested please post a sceenshot of your ''Haunted buildings'' / ''Haunted building style''.

    The mansion needs to be made on my 3rd residence (SMP 3 /v eclipsys-3)

    Please reply!
  2. anyone xD?
  3. Would help you but I havent built any creepy mansions lately xD
  4. how creepy can you build?
  5. Give this project a bump Ecli! http://jobs.emcpro.us :D
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  6. Pretty creepy. I know what to do if thats what you mean. The problem is that I might not be able to play minecraft for a while. I dont know if I can get internet connetion where i am going. But ill see. If things turn out good then ill PM you and we can start!

    Ps. If someone arises to the job before me, then dont wait for me, go build xD
  7. Right-o, will do
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  8. Just keep me in mind xD
  9. I can be ur partner. :]. If you check my res at 9278 smp4 I'm quite a fair builder. I bet I could do a good creepy house.
  10. Me too! I'd LVE to help you build! please? You already saw my res n the contest. Can I help?
  11. your residence only shows walls ;P, I've already got walls set up

    How good are you at building old Victorian style mansions, with pointy roofs and verandas and such
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  12. Hang on you, I have a haunted style house. I'll let you tour it even, 10775, smp 5. I have pictures, but.. Since I have the default texture pack, you may not like how it looks exactly. :p
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  13. I have default texure pack too! Cant bother getting something else.
  14. the mansion from Dark Shadows is what i want to make on my res in Utopia. its kinda creepy :)

    i may have ideas if u want to pick my brain later, but im not a pro-builder :)
  15. Maybe u can help u build the house. Maybe the inside and the walls.
  16. I can help you! I am VERY good at building!
  17. O: If I would've seen this post earlier I: Lol I am building an Ancient Asian Astronomy Temple right now (which i am like 5% done with xD) :D But I would like to build with you, though I haven't created any haunted houses. :)