[Request] Infinite villagers

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  1. Looking for someone to make me some infinite villagers(four), I'd do it myself but I lack the patience..... will pay 10k each. Pm me on the forums, or on Smp3! Thanks
  2. Quick tip, I don't think anyone would be willing to make an infinite villager for 10k. The cheapest I've seen one done is 25k.
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  3. how do you make an infinite villager?
  4. cheapest ive seen is 16k. buy i dont feel like wasting 64k. also you make them by getting lucky.
  5. If you want to go the cheap route, you are going to have to make your own.
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  6. See I've found that quite expensive; mostly 'cause I have terrible luck.... i always get paper on the sixth or seventh trade..... often wasting a stack or two of emeralds + countless books/etc, and for nothing.
  7. Well that is exactly why people have to charge so much for it.
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  8. I will make the villagers for 20k each thats what my prices are for making them so its either you gain infinite villagers or you don't it looks to be m the only guy wanting to do it
  9. 'Infinite Villager' is a term used for a villager that has all of their available trades by occupation.

    A fresh villager starts with one trade; every time the last trade (the last one listed to the right) is used at least once before the trading GUI (graphics user interface) is closed, all locked trades will be unlocked and a new trade may be added to the available trades of the villager.
    However, if a player disrupts the villager when Minecraft is calculating their trade(s), they won't be updated.
    As a result if the last trade gets locked, the villager will eventually become useless for trading, because all of the trades won't be usable if the interacting player doesn't have the patience.

    Panda4994, from Zipkrowd, has a video further explaining villager trading prior to 1.8.
    In Minecraft 1.8, villager trading has be modified to prevent future infinite/perfect villagers. There will also be new trades and sub-occupations of villagers.