Request a bridge over a road

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  1. Hi blenderbill and blenderbob089 are good friends and want to have connecting lots...could you build a bridge from lot 10243 to lot 10244 thankyou in advance
  2. just wanted to check out if such requests have good chances to get the permission to build such a thing

    can you pls tell me if you would allow tunnels or bridges between 2-3 lots? dont be afraid of ugly stuff if you allow me to construct something on my own, i guess the easiest way would be to create schematics to show you what i mean, right?
  3. I dont know if these sort of things r posible
    The bes thing to do would be to lik to joinj them with trees
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  4. yeah or mushroom. its annoying when it happens accidentally but it'd be a an easy way to join your lots. But if you mess up teh mushroom you have floating stuff :L So yeah tree :)
  5. Ranisima has joined his lot to his fiancée's lot using trees. It worked out really well :)
  6. Só has mrfister and mcwhyskey
  7. Maybe a staff member could do this, but if they do it for one person, a LOT of people will be asking.
  8. If one person is permitted to do this than basically everyone will want to do it and frankly they can't give everyone build rights can they?
  9. Why not use some Powered rails and a good downhill start to let you jump over to each other in minecarts?

  10. Sorry at this time we are not allowing this as we don't have a permission system to really support it. If we just had a senior staff member (they can build in Town) do it, they would get thousands (1,500 residence * 5 servers) of requests and be overwhelmed. You can also link using nether portals, find out how in the guide.
  11. I am going to try the minecarts TY so much for all of the support