Reptilian Terror

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  1. So I was playing Minecraft and my mom starts freaking out because she looked out the window and saw a snake in the back yard. So my mom goes and looks out the back door and sees nothing. About 90 seconds later I hear screaming and banging so I pause Minecraft and go see what's wrong. The screaming was from my mom because the snake was looking in the back door( I think she almost passed out). The banging was one of my cats trying to attack the snake through the back door. So my mom shuts and locks the door(because snakes can open unlocked doors I guess). A few minutes later my mom looks out the window again and sees the snake, which is about 3 feet long, slithering under my dad's grill. I looked up photos of snakes native to Alabama and I'm about 90% positive it was a grey rat snake. I told my mom it wasn't dangerous, but I'm pretty sure she's never leaving the house again. Sorry for the long post I just thought it was a funny story and I wanted to share it.
    Edit: Just to clarify we have 2 back doors, one door is a clear and the other is a regular door. The regular door was open(that is what my mom closed and locked) the glass door was closed the entire time so the snake could not have gotten into the house.
  2. I love snakes, they feel smooth and cuddly.
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  3. not sure... if sexual innuendo
  4. No it wasn't. I like reptiles.
  5. I like some reptiles. I cant say that I am afraid of any animal in particular though. I dont enjoy spiders, but won't run from one.

    I find iguanas very cool.