Reporting glitch in Local channel

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  1. Earlier today I left the nether on smp7 to find myself among an incredible construction. When I typed /ch who the system told me that Aikar and other player could hear me, so I proceeded to congratulate them on the local channel on their magnificent creation.

    Aikar and the other player answered quite surprised, because they had no knowledge of what I was talking about, and quickly told me they were in fact very much away from me and from each other, much farther than the local channel should allow; in fact, even though I could hear them both, they could not hear each other.

    I testes /ch who several times after that while exploring the surrounding areas, and always Aikar, the other player, and for a short while even NurseKillJoy appeared as if close by, while in fact very far away. I then disconnected and have not make any more tests.

    This is just to report the anomalous behavior of the Local channel.

  2. Very strange indeed, were they in the nether or overworld?
  3. I have experienced this on another of my accounts, i was about 40000,40000 blocks out in fresh unexplored territory and could hear some local chat from time to time. Never did find out what caused it though.
  4. this is a known bug, sorry that i didnt make it clear to you that we knew.

    my towns HQ is linked with so many other places :/ its like a hot spot.

    me and bownz were about 1000 blocks away from each other, but you could hear us both. but i couldnt hear bownz lol
  5. It is a bug that exists in REALLY far distances. I have not invested the time yet to investigating it as I don't consider it serious. It will be fixed soon :)
  6. I kinda like it... it gives us additional people to talk to :D
  7. lol new /ch r - Random chat channel
  8. It really scared me at first, thinking someone was close to me when I thought I was all alone, but now I kinda like it, too. It gets old explaining why I can't come and bring some people torches, or food, or give them a place to spend the nite, but, yah, it does make being way out in the wild more fun sometimes.
  9. maybe a /ch w for wild chat would be nice :D

    there's way more people in town than their is wild.
  10. That would be funny /ch r it connects you to a random player in the server and you can chat to them :D
    and of course you would need /ch r true means you can be called and /ch r false so you cant be called
  11. Lol Im in the wild all the time and people beg for food 1 feet out of spawn. I try to find them and can't lol.