Reported for shopping? :S

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  1. Hey Guys =^_^= I was shopping around on smp8 and i came across this store that said "only buy 3 diamonds a day or you will be reported" :S Can you even do that :S Someone help me out here :p
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  2. No, they can't Report you.

    If they are selling something then they need to either manually limit it or not sell it.

    Buy as much as you like.

    What was the Res number? I want to go shopping.
  3. Lol. There is no limit on what you can be reported for. As to whether that is a legitimate reason to report someone, well that is another story.

    Edit: kilmannan beat me to it. :p
  4. Well, yes, in that sense, they can report you, but I highly doubt it'd be acted on. I've seen this before somewhere and the Mods said as I did; "You sell it, people can buy it."

    I'm happy to go and test it by buying up their entire stock of Diamonds. :)
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  5. lol Thanks Guys ! I wasn't to sure
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  6. Someone can file a report for anything. If I see a report for this, there's a decent chance we'll give the reporter a short ban for abusing the report system, though.
  7. ok kool cause i was like awe i wanna buy diamonds but i don't want to get reported :(
  8. Yeah they'll only be getting themselves in trouble.

    Don't waste our time with "That player gave me too much money, I want my diamonds back!!!"
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  9. You can't report for buying stuff :s
  10. Lol i know, i would of tooken a picture but it would take forever to upload with my internet