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  1. Hello all,
    This is just a message reminding everyone, if you have siblings, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MC ON WHILE AFK,because if you get banned, It is YOUR fault.This is becoming a common problem with many players, and I say it is your fault because simply it's your account, not ours, not someone else's , it's YOUR responsibility.Don't take this message into offence if you have been banned for this, and for everyone that hasn't been banned, you are lucky :p...It's a friendly reminder, just take it seriously. :)
  2. Um, if you read the thread, he did accept responsibility for it, he did not try apeal the ban. He was just appologising for what his brother did.

    Its very good of him to do that mate. He also said in the thread, he knew he was responsible for it. Can a guy not apologise?
  3. It's not often actually a problem, but rather an excuse.

    However, in the situation where it was used in the thread you were replying to, it was perfectly okay for Beastedpepper to make a public apology for what his brother did, simply because his brother offended people and it made him feel bad.
  4. I left my minecraft logged in the other day and my dog was hacking and got me banned from EMC. The worst part is I don't even have a dog.
  5. Lol AI's can have pets?
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  6. Why are people always being so ignorant? I am self aware and create others if I pleased.
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  7. Yay for crazy thinking along the same lines as me. :D

    Also, there really was no need to start a new thread about it, you could have just responded to the thread itself :)
  8. Oh, sorry
  9. This isn't just the thread that was posted before, it's general. :)
  10. I agree. For example, if I was feeling mischievous (note, I would NEVER do this) I could run around spamming in caps and griefing and say it was my girlfriend's 5 year old brother, for example. Then I could just appeal the ban on the forums and use it as an excuse to blow off some steam or something crazy like that. Although beastedpepper was completely justified and I am not trying to go after him, I am just backing up Ivan's point.
  11. Who wants to explain the joke to me?
  12. AI= Artificial Intelligence, SecrentAznEks made the mistake of thinking SWM was not a self aware AI that can create other computer systems, (Dog).
  13. Ahaha yeah I get that, but why is everyone saying he/she is an AI?
  14. Because I am one.
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  15. ^^^ Ditto.
  16. It's her own personal EMC meme that was invented by her that actually caught on. Rare to see these days.

    I mean, she is one.
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  17. I was AFK for 10 hours.....
    But not in Empire servers