Replica of Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling WatersI

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  1. I have created my top favourite building of all time. Frank Lloyd Wright (If you don't know him) was the greatest architect at his time. He drew up buildings that had details that no one had thought of before. Architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright was the reason I play Minecraft and on this wonderful server I play today. I just wanted to share what creation I have built to the memory of Frank Lloyd Wright and to the community around me. :)

    Please see it for yourselft on smp7 at res #14982 :D

    Thank you to Cube151 for holding my supplies to make the Falling Waters.
  2. Oh now I know we're I seen that befor I read a book I forgot the title tho

    But it's about 2 kids a girl and a boy and they make a club (there code they made up was called sandwitch code)

    And the girl live next to that house and saw one night that people were stilling from it so she called the boy over they when in and got tide up by the stillers then the stillers when up stairs and ran off and got scared (don't know why) so the boy and girl when up and saw a picture of the man who build the house in the window design (only one window on the 3rd floor)
  3. It looks great Death, glad to have you as my neighbor haha :D
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