Repairing in smp2?

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  1. Stone or iron axes don't repair even though I am carrying iron ingot and cobblestone. What is the problem?
  2. Do you mean you're putting two identical but damaged tools in the 4x4 inventory crafting area and then nothing's happening? You don't need iron ingots or cobblestone to repair.
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  3. 2x2 or 3x3 you mean?

    Yes, as will pointed out, you must use two damaged tools to make 1 repaired tool, not just the material to repair the head. :)
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  4. Try it that way :D
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  5. what the hell!? LOL i never in my life knew that you could do this :eek: seems i have learned something today.
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  6. How long has this been possible? I really haven't heard anything about it.
  7. 1.9pre3 Added item repair -- October 6, 2011
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  8. AWESOME! i'm not the only one who had no idea!
  9. He is likely referring to the Anvil plugin a lot of servers have, where you right click an iron block with your tool you want to repair, and it uses up a piece of its base material like stone, iron or gold. EMC does not have this plugin, as we try to keep things vanilla, with a few things here and there.
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  10. Oh, I didn't remember that's the original repair system. Luckily, we've been using the iron block as a repair table and adding a piece of the material that the tool is made of. Then there was a repair skill. Diamond repair required lvl 50 repair skill and then you needed more levels to be able to retain portion of the enchantments we gave the lvl 30 tool. A level 30 diamond sword or armor was the most interesting to repair. This was which is now offline for some reason. Not to worry, I am an old Empire player and so I returned here. Adding this to Empire is another great mod suggestion in the line.
  11. That is part of the mcMMO plug in. We wont be including it here, I can guarantee you that. We are not an RP server, so this would be a hindrance to our goals rather than an improvement.
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