Reopening of my icon service!

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  1. So, you may know, i recently closed this.
    But i've seen all these cool icons and ive made so many, i want to share them again! Now, these do have small prices. heres the list of prices:

    (Look at all of them)

    0r: Basic Icon (only you)
    100r: Friend icon (You and friends) 500r: Icon Prize pack (5 Icons) 100r: Basic Icon w/ tinting 150r: Friend icon w/ tinting

    So, there ya go. I will be doing signatures soon as well. But before the examples, heres the rules:

    Rule one: Keep calm and follow the rules
    Rule two: If i dont have it done on time dont comment and whine and go crazy, i'm very busy sometimes.
    Rule three: Dont post what you want here. PM me, you can only post what package you want here, or, comments on the service.
    Rule four: Keep it appropriate.

    Now, Lets give the examples, shall we?

    Sorry, It wont let me put them for some odd reason. No matter what i try.

    I also do regular images so give me an image you want to use and i can edit it to make it an icon! <-(free)
  2. Examples of your work?
  3. Frost who made ur signature i so want one XDDD