Renting Malls

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  1. Thought I would throw out the feelers if any active long-time players already have a mall, and would like, instead of the hassle of stocking it, a regular monthly rent. ^.^

    Looking primarily for easy to remember res numbers, shops which are already or nearly constructed, and intuitive designs where it's easy to find things. Existing customers or reputation are definitely a perk.
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  2. 4323 is almost finished. It isn't too big, but it allows for two double chests of every item. I originally planned on it being a hoarding shop, with only sell signs, but I might rent it if the monthly price is high enough.
  3. I'll finish the 12220-12221 complex in 1-2 weeks. I plan to rent out floors. A 3rd res is there for expansion if needed. This could grow to a nice shopping center with several shops. I do not mind having competition next door, I see it as enrichment :)

    My current idea is to rent out only to trustworthy people and give them container perms. Rupee log tools and monthly inventory check are recommended.
  4. I have 17070 that is mostly complete, finished 2 floors and the structure. Feel free to contact me if you would like to rent it :)
  5. I have one at 6500 on smp3 that's somewhat established, simple and easy to find items, though it is nothing fancy
  6. I've already got a deal underway for a great residence on SMP2 which is a better number and a good deal. Plus, I'd hate to divert you from your hoarding activities since it sounds like that's what you were wanting to do. Feel free to mine for me if you run out of money and need more.

    Let me know how this goes renting out the floors. I tried the same thing with my mall and ended up with not enough active people who wanted to manage floors. Those who did participate, contributed very little stock and priced it super cheap, which is obviously a very poor strategy for a mall. (Despite specifically mentioning the strategy on the post.) Depending on pricing, I may be interested in renting the whole thing, or any remaining floors, if you're willing to go there. If you have more than one other person renting a floor, I would do this after you've got it all set up and running for about a month.

    Sounds interesting. What percentage complete would you say it is, and when would you expect completion or all the floors? (Or are all the floors finished and you just need to have the shops actually built?) The res number is not the best but is fairly memorable.

    It's a great res number, and I have nothing on SMP3 yet, so I'll be in touch for sure. I'm planning to pursue yours immediately after I finish getting the one on SMP2 set up.
  7. I have 11405 on SMP5 if you're interested, feel free to send me a PM