Renting a the PvP Arena

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  1. So an idea of mine is that people can rent out one of the four arena's for a group of people.
    This group could be just friends, or for an event.
    I would personally start using this to host weekly matches for prizes between people :p
    Just an idea ;)
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  2. You could make it so everyone in a chat group is invited to the arena too.
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  3. +3 from your local haro
  4. +4 from a random guy
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  5. So a group of friends could rent out, say the redstone arena, and only they could access it?
  6. +1 from Cc :3
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  7. +5 from royalty
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  8. Lolol
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  9. Yep. I think it'd be something like in the mob arena with the loot room.
  10. I like the Idea :)
  11. +1 from a flaming shadow.
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  12. Well, will there be any limit to how long they can rent it? How often? I don't think it would be fair if the rich players claimed all the arenas, and the innocent, poor players aren't allowed inside. I can somewhat also see players charging other players entrance into the arena..
  13. Well I think scheduling a time with Senior Staff members would be good -
    And I think they know not to allow people to rent constantly in a short amount of time.
    In any case, only one of the 4 arena's would be rented out so people can still play if they wanted to :p
    And for a "Charge" That's a bit absurd in my opinion, if that were to happen it would be a waste of money for the person charging. :3
    Time limit wise, I guess it could be rented for an hour or half hour. :p
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  14. i like this idea because it would be nice to just battle the people you want...
    but, it should stick to only one arena being able to be rented at a time. it wouldn't be very fun if they're all rented and people can't just play. this could also backfire because there are TON of people who have been playing constantly since it was released.. the line for waiting until its your turn could get pretty long... could take days... =\ plus arranging so that everyone in your party is free to play then.
    also, an hour time limit seems fair enough!

    an idea, what if there is a pvp flag for your res, that you pay a certain amount and get permission from senior staff to have activated. then you can have all the events and pvp parties in your own pvp res.
    is this something that could perhaps be thought of for something like this? (events, parties, groups?)
  15. mehh, sounds a little expensive to rent out the entire floor, plus there wud be a LONG line...

    maybe a command like /pvp invite [name], [name], [etc.]
    • you would only be able to hurt/get hurt by the people in your pvp group when youre in the arena

    then, maybe there could also be a command like /pvp group [on/off]
    • this would allow you to toggle between either:
      • hurting/being hurt by ONLY the people in your group (when you have /pvp group on)
      • hurting/being hurt by anyone else who has /pvp group off