[Renting] 9500 Mega Mall building smp4

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  1. smp4 9500 Mega Mall for rent
    Seeing as I have not had time to put shops in and stock 9500 mega mall I was thinking I could rent out the building you will get full flags on the res. All I ask is that you don't destroy the building or leave a huge mess xD, I will collect rent once a month (we can arrange a price PM me offers) the first months pay I would like right at the start as you move things in just to be sure. I remain the right to evict someone if they are destroying the building which I doubt will happen (hopefully :p). Please also note that there is only 1 mega mall on smp4 so you would get a lot of business if done right.

    Well PM me offers, Thanks :)

    [Pictures coming soon]
  2. we can modify the building in places to be more fancy or whatever but if very expensive you may have to supply the blocks
  3. Ok, I can prolly' do this :p
  4. wha'chu mean :p
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  5. Rent it
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  6. oh lol yeah sure would you make it into a mega mall? PM me if you have an offer or whatever :p
  7. I don't have alot of rupees, but I am planning to turn it into a mall! I only hav 70r, but by the end of the month I could possibly have 30-40k
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