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  1. my warehouses are opening soon, 5 r a month. lots of storage. replies will book warehouse. excellent after shopping at MineMart across the road. to buy one, go to 11133
  2. I think a Mod will close this soon. As there is potential of Scam in this. :L
    Just sayin
  3. What server is this?
  4. smp 5
    its not a scam, mate
  5. i will pre purchase 1 for 1 month
  6. GRRR!!! Everyone is stealing my shop name Minemart! Just becuase its not finished yet doesnt mean people can steal it :(
  7. I wanted to know which server so i could use it :p I occcasionly run into wild on smp5 so that will be helpful
  8. Creeper655 now has a rented warehouse!
  9. do i?
    ok what evs