[RENT DROP PARTY RES] Rent my Drop Party Res

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  1. Hi all,

    As many of you know I help a Drop Party last Saturday in honor of my 27th Birthday.
    With 90 Hardcore EMC players in attendance the Drop Party was great success. The Drop Party lasted 3hrs with the Grief Party of 2.5 DC of Obsidian flashing away in less than 10-15mins.

    Anyways for those very generous players out there, you can now host your Very own Drop Party at that res, 9418 on smp4. It is also able to host grief parties (Destroy Flag) with a floor of furnaces that cannot be destroyed by players as they would need the container flag.

    The residence description:
    - Up to 140DC of storage
    - 1 Layer of Furnaces on res surface to host grief parties if you want.
    - Many different speed settings on the droppers.
    - 20 Droppers in the drop setup.
    The Terms of Use are as follow:
    - You must be at least 100 days old.
    - You must disclosed if you were ever banned and the reason (In PM)
    - Booking for the event must be at least 1 week before the event.
    - Drop parties my be of at least 10DCs of Dropped Items provided by you
    - I will assist you in every way I can to make sure your Drop/Grief Party runs as smooth at possible.
    - I will Donate Paper & Sugar Cane for the duration of the event.
    - My assistance can also be via mumble.
    - More perks may be added as I find some
    Costs: Drop Parties are costly enough so my cost is as follow
    - 2 of your owns players head. (Alts head also accepted but need to be official alt not secret alts.)

    Small print: Applications are on a case by case. All Applications should be submitted by PM.
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