[ Rent ] Drop Party res, all set up

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  1. Hey, my new business is renting a Drop Party res thats built and works!
    Cost: 500r every 30 mins [ small ]. 1k for every 30 mins [medium ]. 1.5k every 30 mins [ large ]
    Where?: /v 15430 on smp7
    Who to PM?: http://empireminecraft.com/conversations/add add me
    Reserved Dates so far: May 6th 5:30-7:00PM EMC,

    Fill out this application for reservements
    Arena Size:
    Time Needed:
    What date:
  2. too small of a place :/.
  3. I can make an extended one if needed :p
  4. come to utopia
  5. Anyone else notice this?
    EDIT: Also its very small =P
  6. Im building new DP arenas :p, medium is almost done, starting large tomorrow (32x32)
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