Rent a Res! On any SMP server.

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  1. (Due to the content of this post not being permitted by the EMC staff the post has been edited and deleted)
  2. What if I build a huge castle made of over 9001 diamond blocks and an airplane crashes on my house and breaks my computer making me not able to log in into EMC for a month.Will you steal the Diamond blocks?
  3. I don't think this is allowed.
  4. why wouldint it be?
  5. While we don't prohibit the rental of land/lots, the tenant should be aware that they are not the legal lot owner, and they are renting at their own risk. The supporter leasing the land out is still the legal owner, and if they leave/get banned the lot may fall into derelict and be unclaimed.

    Also the onus will fall upon the legal lot owner to ensure that no offensive material or illegal activity takes place on this lot, as they are ultimately responsible for its contents.

    Short version: We highly discourage this and may not offer much support if something goes awry.
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