Removal of Void Fog - without optifine or mod (In progress)

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  1. I've had a few people want me to (and i've been wanting to re-learn how to do this my own self) Of how to remove the void fog - and dimming near bedrock ... without the use of a mod or optifine.

    Everything you see in minecraft - if it's not defaulted and you don't have enabled server texture - everything that happens (animation-wise, visual graphics, audio, font, effects, timing settings, controls, properties, what ever else you can name it or come up with lol - has to deal with texturepacks ... so to deal with the voidfog problem ... first you have to deal with the manipulation of the texturepack folder

    This is for the texture-pack Misa 430 - with full mcpatcher (but all texturepacks have similar file types and properties in the texture pack .zip) .... I'll keep updating the specs in comments of my progress:

    1st) you'll need to open your basic minecraft folder ... to do this you'll need to type %appdata%, go to roaming, .minecraft, then texture folder - or if you don't have a search bar ... you'll need to type in the address bar in 'my computer' for instance:
    C:\Users\(whatever your name is)\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\texturepacks

    then you'll want to open up the texturepack you use (in my case misa 430) - using winzip or winrar - whatever you call them - and have a look around.

    License: first make sure (if there is one) to read the readme and license file first ... make sure it's okay to edit the zip (even though you can do it anyways) ... but just to be safe ... (misa for me did say i could)

    and from here i am still in progress:
  2. This is what i have so far:
    -good means the folder has nothing to do with voidfog or dimming
    -in progress means i haven't looked through it fully
    -unsure means i have no idea - and i'll need to look at it still
    -GREEN COLOUR - means folder name or file name.

    Parent: In progress

    terrain.png - needs updated (unsure)

    alternates.png - needs updated (good)

    changelog.txt (good) - In progress (unsure)

    legal.txt - checked and good (legal issues says it's okay to change)

    pack.png - (good)

    pack.txt - (good)

    particles.png - unsure (good for now)

    readme!.txt - (good) - (good)

    SUBFOLDERS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Anim:In progress



    CTM:In progress

    Environment:In progress

    Old font:Good

    Creative_inv: Good


    Misc:In progress (good for now)

    1)netherblack.png changes colour of materials such as netherbrick fences
    (the dark parts) - has nothing to do with fog in the nether

    2)vignette.png is the shadows at the corner of your screen -
    makes you're view look more circled then rectangle.

    3)shadow.png is the shadow under blocks and mobs - do not remove else either:
    game will crash when block is moved or everything appears black(or, just no shadows)
    -fogcolor is got me curious, will test it.

    enderdragon: Good


    sky0: In progress (good for now)

    Title: Good
    bg: Good