Remembrance day!

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by zanderboy, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. I am just curious, did anyone else have a poppy on since the 1st of November and follow the two minutes of silence at 11 0clock today?
  2. I donated to get a poppy made by Vets from WW2 (i was able to wear it in uniform today)
  3. Nice, I was really mad at my school during our Remembrance Day assembly. Almost everyone was talking during the whole thing, including the two minutes of silence and the "A pittance of Time" video. What really made me mad was when the one Cadet in my school, who is also in my class, along with a few of the cub scouts, who at the time were acting as the honor guard for the flag, were talking and laughing the whole time. AND THE TEACHERS DID NOTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Its this generation they dont understand the thing... today we read the name off on r base, i volunteered to read names for an hour straight and we had to wear service dress and do all are facing movements. When we got to the stand and left the stand. Also had a very good retreat( my favorite thing to do every month)

    Yes i know the real day tomorrow but its a down day for us :p
  5. I am ashamed of my generation a lot of the time. Most of us just don't understand the sacrifice that was made, or how many people were and still are affected to this day. I barley managed to get most of my class to were a poppy today, and we are the senior class in the school!