Remembrance Day

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  1. Hi everyone
    So today is Remembrance day. I really enjoy learning about World war 1 and 2. These people who fought for us to be free, are not only physicly changed but mentally changed. These people will never be the same people, after of what they saw. War is a place were people should not see certain things. They should not see or hear people dying right next to them. When I went to Florida for a vacation, me and my dad saw a Vietnam war veteran. My dad said thank you for your service right when we saw him. That really got to me, to right this thread. So please on November 11 at 11 o clock whoever your with just have a moment of silence with them, because this world would not be the same as it was if it werent for the brave people who stood up for there country. Please Show some respect by standing silent and still for a few minutes.
    Thanks all for reading :)
  2. Thanks from me to my own father, a VFW of the Seabees, who fought in Iraq only 10 years ago.
    Thanks also to all soldiers, especially all VFWs. [Veterans of Foreign War]
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  3. Thanks, I always like to see threads like these. :)
  4. I know we have quite a few veterans right here at EMC. One of the original founders of EMC, Justin, is a Navy veteran, as am I. Ismooch and Twitch1 are Army vets. There are a lot of others. My personal thanks and appreciation go out to each and every one of you for the sacrifices that you've made.
  5. also yesterday was marine corps birthday :)
  6. Many people dont really realize what there brave people went through. They change so much after war. I think that the least thing that we can do is at least be thankful and grateful, because really without them our world wound not be the same as it is today. :)
    Thank you all that have done this for our freedom!