Remembrance Day 2014

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  1. As many know, remembrance day is in 2 days. Remembrance day commemorates the end of WW1 at 11 o clock. But it eventually turned into remembering the fallen of the first and second world war, Korean, and present day conflicts. I had saw at a Toronto Maple Leaf's game and wad happy to see that they had taken 10 minutes before the game to honour those that had given all for us. So I ask you, on November 11th, at 11 o clock, take 2 minutes to remember. Whatever country your from, and if they did or did not fight, without the brave men and women, the world would not be what it is today. If you see a veteran or an active member in the militairy, take 10 seconds to say Thank You. They did not forget about us, so we cannot forget about them.
    Thanks for reading!
    (I do realise Kjhaddrell01 had made a thread about Remembrance Sunday)
  2. how do u add a thread?
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  3. Sad news about the people to be lost, but good of you to be letting us all know about it, and sure we will be taking a few minutes silence.
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  4. R.I.P Thank you for Protecting Us you will never be forgotten
  5. Go to threads, the whatever section you like, then in green at the top it will say Create Thread.
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  6. Found this short but good video about Canada during WW2. has a good quote by Churchill in there too!
  7. I thought it was 11:11?
  8. Yes November 11th at 11 o clock :)
  9. but i thought it was Nov 11 @ 11:11 (only 11 minutes, so eh)
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  10. I can't put into words how much respect I have for all those in the armed forces, serving their country while risking the ultimate sacrifice. And I am glad for this day because it reminds people that people in the military have and will continue to die to protect everything that we love.

    I will make sure I take the time to do as you asked on Remembrance Day, and I admire you for challenging each and every member of EMC to do the same.
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  11. *Slow clap, then bow* Beautifully worded man.

    I remember last Remembrance day at 11 o clock everyone on the highway just pull over for 2 minutes. It was a beautiful seen to see a busy packed highway at peace for 2 minutes showing respect.
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  12. There should be a promo to remember this sad moment.
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  13. We already have poppies, so a renamed poppie that you can wear would be awesome, if that is possible.
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  14. IMO, there shouldn't be a promo for Remembrance Day. It isn't a celebration (which is what most, if not all promos are there for), it's a commemoration.
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  15. commemorational poppy promo :)
  16. There will be a poppy renamed in red saying Remember :)
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  17. The version that was released prematurely ( and on accident) was not finalized. This is not what it will say, but there will be a promo of some sort released.
  18. So what you're saying is that we collectors can now be tortured with the fact that somewhere out there is a premature poppy or two that we will have to hunt down and purchase? :p
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  19. There are no more to be found, that much is guaranteed :p
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