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  1. I've been on EMC for over a year now but of all that time to the older members remember when a good enchanted pick could go for 15-20k now they go for 2-8k. Anyone else have a big change that happened that you noticed in the last year in EMC?
  2. Well the enchanting price went down alot due to the changes how you enchant (lvl 30 max lvl). I remember cat eggs change quite alot :p Though this was due to how new they were, I made 120k r in the first 2 days when cats where released selling them for 5k each ^^ So I guess that is a change right there :p
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  3. 5k each?? When they came out I remember the highest price was 300r on smp6.
  4. I remember when diamonds would go for 30-40r
  5. The enchantment price was definitely the thing that I miss the most from old Minecraft updates :/
  6. I remember the days before eggification, when you bought an animal and you had to lure it home across town with a piece of wheat in your hand ^.^
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  7. Well people really bought it at any price, there wasnt enough for all after all.
  8. last year sandstone was not very expensive but now sandstone is very expensive. Like 350r to 480r for a stack of 64 and a stack of 32 80r to 100r and a stack of 16 40r to 60r. I guess sand is hard to find XD
  9. Where is everyone getting these prices from I can buy a stack for sandstone on smp6 for 100r.
  10. The big malls have so many customers, which do not take time to compare prizes, that the need is so high, that people buy at much higher prizes. Its just because they (the big malls) can monopolize on a certain group of people who happen to buy at their shop at any cost.

    The 5k cat eggs were obviously that high due to beeing new.
  11. I remember when breeding wasn't a thing, and there were no animals in the wild.

    Also, brown wool was the most expensive thing in the game.
    That was 2011. I'm sorry.

    2012: I remember when we doubled our member population every month.
  12. Umm, Sandstone has never been like this. Its very common, as you can craft it with sand.
  13. It's not on EMC, but I remember when modding was a new thing to Minecraft, Modloader had just been put up for download, and Forge didn't exist. I also remember when you could make big patches of grass in the air, like a darkroom hostile grinder, and allow passives to rain down on you from above. Infact, I go back to when the game was like this because I found it more fun. I hate breeding animals, too resource consuming.

    I remember when I first joined, and the member cap was always at 60/60. It was so bad I went iron for a month just to get an extra slot, and to hide on the live-map.

    I remember living out in the wild with djozane and AlexHallon...good old days of February 2012 :/ *tear*