[religous thread] You raise me up

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  1. on your shoulders, i am strong. (I have encluded two versions of this song becasue they are both SOOOOO awesome :))

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  2. Bump ^-^
  3. LOVE that song!
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  4. Borrowed the CD from my friend today, jammed out on the way to the gas station/then home!

  5. A song that helps us remember that Hell is horrible and all to real.
  6. This song makes me cry. I've loved this song since it came out! "Finding more and more the in the words written in red"
  7. When i first heard this song, i didn't know God, so i asked my mother, "Mommy. What does he mean by the words written in red?"
    Now i know what he's talking about :)
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  8. you know, " raise me up " used to be my moms ring back. now its wide awake.. xD
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  9. One of the best ones out there :)
  10. Like the songs :) Make me feel good :)
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  11. If you didn't listen to this one I strongly suggest it!