Relaxing cup of café con leche (Madrid 2020)

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  1. In this video you can see how the mayoress of my city tries to speak english and fails.
    In front of thousands of people. She talks to the IOC members as they were handicapped.

    Music version:

    Our last president attempting to speak english without success:

    This one is the best (français too):

    Chuck norris watching it:

    Spanish politicians are so bad. I hope one day this will change.
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  2. :eek: wut did she say :p
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  3. I know right :D Even I could have done it better
  4. They hablan Spanglish :D
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  5. With muchos errores
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  6. I hablo mejor English than ellos.
  7. I am estoy very seguro of what is como that
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  8. Lol, no entiendo what are you diciendo
  9. Estoy sorry, not talkeo ingles
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  10. Deacuerdo we will not hablar mas Spanglish :3
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  11. This is even worse O_O
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  12. XD lol, hahahahahahahahaha, omg my little brother talks better than this old guy
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