Relatively new smp3 Mall. (6310)

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  1. I have a mega mall at my lot. I buy and sell almost everything. Please stop by and say hi/take a look around. I need people to sell stuff to me, so if your looking for fast r, go mining and sell it to my mall. Tree logging and mining are both quickly profitable.

    At my lot I'm building the cities of "Undertown" and the "Floating City of Shining Spires: Sanctaphrax" from the Edge Chronicles. I've already spent over 50,000r on it so come take a look and see where its gotten me. How did I get 50,000r? A: lots of hard work and owning a mall that makes me 1 to 6k a day.
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  2. Might check it out. It's on SMP3, so not that much competition right? (Haven't been on SMP3 as much, so don't know the shop game as much over there :p
  3. there are 3 main shops now that mine is fully functioning. "/v d1223m" and "/v 7171" (Alta0506). I recorded all of their prices and used the better rates of the two shops making mine the cheapest mall on smp3.
  4. :confused: I actually cannot seem to find any mall in your residence. Perhaps you should set the res home inside the mall? It would make it far simpler to go buy/sell things.
  5. will do!
  6. done. and make sure you went to 6310 because my shops pretty easy to find.
  7. Do you sell snow blocks?
  8. nice store EN :)
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  9. lol derp I just did /v EnWehr
  10. yes