[Rejected] : Pondbridge village

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  1. Join up and build in my village!
    ( you need to come up to me in-game and ask )
    Coords : X: -850 Y: 64 Z: -2768

    Owner : WowzewoW
    Co-owner : -N/A-
    Residents : WowzewoW

    Rules :
    • All of Empirecraft's rules

    • Don't touch the sheep

    • Don't dig up the beaches

    • Don't disturb the creepers
    Your house should look similar to mine if you plan to build a home, and also go crazy with support struts!

    P.S. I used a dirt tower to take the second photo
  2. I am sorry. You cannot claim an outpost withing 5k of a spawn or 3k or another established base. This is only 2.5k from the main spawn. Would you like this thread to be left open or closed?
  3. closed. im going to move to town, the town hall is now a free house, and scrounge up the leftovers if you want to.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.