[Rejected] : Burnt Toast Outpost

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  1. I posted last Tuesday on the Wilderness Forum about a base that Kickingawol and I are working on. Then I saw people were being rerouted here for that kind of post. We would like our place to be noticed as a claim. We are bridging a dock to our outpost as well. We are calling it the Burnt Toast Outpost.
  2. Did you placed a locked chest where you want your outpost ? Otherwise mods cannot find and establish it.
  3. I am sorry but you need to be 5k away from any spawn or 3k from any other established base. This location is only 3k from the spawn and so cannot be established.
  4. Well, is it acceptable without the dock? How can I tell what 5k away looks like?
  5. Check spawn coordinates. Check base coordinates. Look for 5000 block difference.
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  6. Oh wow. In that case, there must be a lot of bases that are rejects. I had no idea. Some are pretty amazing too.
  7. When looking at the live map smp#.emc.gs (replace # with the smp number) you will notice that each of the wild spawns has a 5k radius. You need to make sure your base/outpost is not within this area. You can also look on the live map for other bases near where you want to settle (though some bases are hidden well). In any case you are free to keep your base where it is. You simple cannot get it established.
  8. Oh. Okay. But does that mean it will not be recognized under any safety rule? Like, with griefing?
  9. You can still report griefing if it happens, but it is in the area where more "new" people are liking to go. The type of ppl who haven't bother reading the rules. So they don't care if they get banned or not.

    Then there is also the point, should the server need to be defaulted back to Original status, all your stuff is gone because it was in the area it shouldn't be.

    Getting out past the 5k is not overly difficult. It does take time to find a place. I would do as previously suggested and look at the live map to see what is not overly traveled. If it is blacked out, then no one has disturbed blocks in the area (that is a good thing).