Rei's Minimap Mod

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  1. Could someone post a competent guide on how to download Rei's Minimap on a mac? I look at risugami's guide but it seems to be outdated and confusing. Would be great thanks!
  2. Could someone pleeeeeeeease!
  3. I installed it on a mac.

    I can't actually remember what the file looked like, but if there was a 'fonts' folder, copy the contents of that into the fonts folder in minecraft.jar (assuming you know how to un-zip and ect.
    The rest of the content, just copy and paste into minecraft.jar :)

    Also, if your game crashes (which it did, for me), I found re-installing helpful. :)
  4. Sorry, not fonts, it's:


    ..but still copy the .class files into minecraft.jar.

    EDIT: I just looked at the folder and you have to copy the 'minimal' folder into 'reifnsk,' not just the .class files.

    ANOTHER EDIT: Open a new finder window, click 'Go' at the top of your mac's screen, click 'go to folder' and then type in exactly as I say: ' ~/Library/Application Support '

    It has something to do with Lion 10.something, it makes the library folder hiddenI believe and Notch is sadly yet to realise, probably.
  5. But how do i get the reis minimap into my minecraft file?
  6. Download it, open it, copy the files. *Sigh Couldn't that have been the title?
  7. Okay maybe i'm dumb but i'm not understaning you
  8. you need to find the mod + modloader for 1.1 and soon 1.2 and you use your archive application on the minecraft.jar then drag the mod files into the minecraft folder, name the old minecraft.jar --> Minecraft_backup.jar then change the folder to Minecraft.jar
  9. Yeah, I pretty much said that, except you have to drag the reifnsk folder inside the mod folder, into the reifnsk folder in minecraft.jar. And just put the .class files inside mine craft.jar