REI's Minimap 1.7.2 getting your Waypoints back!

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  1. Hello,

    As some of you may know they released a Beta Version of REI's Minimap for 1.7.2, I am not going to show how to get your Way points back, This is for connecting to the new EMC Address, I am connecting going to show how to connect through "EMC.GS"

    File Needed,

    To install the REI's Minimap you will have to do the following

    1) Open the new launcher and make sure the version of Minecraft the mod requires is already installed.
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    2) Click "Edit Profile" in the launcher, then open the game directory.
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    3) Go into the subfolder "versions".
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    4) Rename the folder for the version you require to something else. In this example, rename "1.7.2" to "1.7.2_Modded".
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    5) Open the 1.7.2_Modded folder.

    6) Rename "1.7.2.jar" to "1.7.2_Modded.jar".

    7) Rename "1.7.2.json" to "1.7.2_Modded.json".
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    8) Open "1.7.2_Modded.json" with a text editor and replace "id":"1.7.2" with "id":"1.7.2_Modded", save the file and close it.
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    9) Open the class files from the mod with an archiver such as WinRAR or 7-Zip and copy-paste the files into 1.7.2_Modded.jar. Do not close the archiver yet.
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    10) Delete META-INF and close the archiver.

    11) Start the new launcher.

    12) Click "Edit Profile"

    13) In "Use Version", select "1.7.2_Modded".
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    14) Click Save Profile.
    15) Login and play as normal.
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    First you will want it installed, and once that is done, you will have to connect, and go to town/wild and set a way point and tame it test.

    Once you have that, you will have to go to .minecraft, and then go to the folder named "MODS",
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    After you open that you then have to go to the folder "rei_minimap"
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    Then once you are in there you will see a bunch of ".points" folders,

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    I have all my way points on smp6, but i will be showing you how to do it for smp5,

    Now what you have to do is open the server folder you have your way points on,
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    In order to open the folder, you will have to right click and go to open with, then choose a program from your computer, now you have to choose to open the program with (Note Pad).

    Once you open that you will see a bunch of stuff in that folder,
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    now you have to do the same with the server name you connect to, and it will show up as this, It is the folder i have Highlighted,
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    Now you will have to copy the folders from the older file (I am using smp5),
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    Now you have to open the ""
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    and paste them into this folder, now if you want to do the nether or end, it is the same thing but for the nether it is this folder,
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    and for Nether it is,
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    If you are having any problems with trying to get the way points to work, please leave a comment and i will try to answer them to my best,

    Also as far as i have tested and know, you can put all the way points from all the smp's and utopia and all, and place then in the new folder, "" and when you connect through the, and you do the /server to swap servers the way points for each server will be there.

    Also this is my First tut post so don't reply with negative comments, as i am trying my best to help the EMC community to help get the way points on the new server names.


    Update Log:
    -Added Screens to install Rei's Minimap,
  2. Thanks for the tutorial, will be useful once I get reis again!
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  3. Your welcome, let me know if you are having any problems along the way of the tut.
  4. Thanks for the tutorial! Everyone should be using Rei's Minimap.
  5. Thanks Finch so happy :D
  6. You have a wither farm>? lol
  7. yea its on my sp test world,
  8. If anyone is having any problems with this, Feel free to ask,