Reintroduction(due to long inactivity)

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  1. Well after two or three months of getting things sorted I have returned to the Empire only to see it go from a single server to 6 servers. that being said Hello everyone(hello again to those I already know) you can call me Dirge or Zerr aside from that I am laid back and I'm currently going to school for engineering.
    My res address is smp3 6167 (thanks to my inactivity I lost my res on Smp1 :/ )
    That is all!
  2. Welcome (back) to the Empire, ZerreissenDirge! :)
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  3. Hello (Again) Hope you like the servers even more there have been many changes :)
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  4. Thanks and yes many many changes O_O
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  5. Like for you :D
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  6. Yey like for me :D

    H ha no like for Crazy1080
    I hope I don't get banned for this xD
  7. Welcome back!
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  8. fail grey text? D:
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  9. I didn't catch that grey text!!! D:
  10. What we call the gray text is simply a hidden text in a post. You should watch for them ;)

    TESTING U!!!!!!
  11. Well I know its a "hidden" part of a post I just never have felt the need to notice it...TILL NOW!!!! O_O
  12. did you notice this one? ^^^^^
  13. Welcome back Dirge! :)

    Nice to see you here again.
  14. no because unlike above you actually made your grey blend xD
    Why thank you Liz! When you get the chance stop by my res and see my new creation (so far). :D
  15. I know creeper I understand the concept :p

    Well played Sir!!!
  16. Close enough ;) you'll have to figure out how to do the grey text :p good luck!
  17. I know. ;)
    It's 2a2a2a
  18. lol I think you know it :p xD
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  19. Welcome back!
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