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  1. What's up guys, so I've been thinking a lot and I decided to write this thread kind of reintroducing myself and who I am going to be once I do get back onto the Empire.

    So I am CoryLovesYou, a.k.a iRupees, a.k.a Nccoryg, a.k.a Aiker, a.k.a EmpireBrothers, and soon to be CoryAmour. I've been a part of Empire Minecraft for other two years and I've done a lot in that short time. I created one of the most used price listings, ran a successful Supporter Voucher business, and met so many amazing people. I definitely miss you guys and I have some big plans for this summer, mainly towards my YouTube channel, making videos on and about EMC. I won't be as connected to the economy as I once was, I've lived that life and accomplished my goals and I want to go in a different direction on EMC. Instead of spending my time earning rupees, I'll be creating content (videos, guides, and even music) on the server along side some friends that will be joining me upon my return.

    New EMC Goals
    • 50 Let's Play Episodes
    • 3 Music Videos
    • New Guide on getting clicks and referrals
    • 1,000 Subscribers
    • EMC Stream Team
    These aren't really big goals, but they are things I definitely want to accomplish, while also bringing something new to the server.
    I love and miss you guys,
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  2. Welcome back(soon) :)
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  3. Thank you :)
    Sometime in June is about the time, hopefully.
  4. In June is my bday =D see you there
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  5. I'll make sure I have something for you
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  6. Sounds Awesome :)
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  7. Sounds awesome! Maybe you could do tours of the outposts with empires coming out soon(ish)
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  8. I've got a couple things planned, something including Outpost.

    "Top 5 EMC Wilderness Outpost"
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  10. Same!

    Didn't you hack Cory?
  11. I'm banned for not delivering items sold within the time limit.
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  12. You know who else hacked?
    Why did ya do it D:
  13. I wasn't able to get on EMC at the time.
  14. Glad to see ya back bud! ^_^
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  15. Welcome back (in June), Cory : )
  16. welcome back
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  17. :D:D:D:D:D:D

    Welcome back man!
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  18. Good to see you coming back. :)
  19. If that's correct you might ask the admins to fix your /p note. It says you were banned for Illegal Mods.