Rei Mini Map Tutorial

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  1. Hello guys I figured i would make this for everyone that doesn't know how to install mods. This mod can be a very big help and is allowed on EMC. A have a video for you guys please like my video.

  2. I want views please I am new to youtube
  3. Then make something someone wants to watch.
  4. Like......
  5. A LP...
  6. Well i am going to do those on me and my friends channel this was just kind of testing my video recording software which was abosolutly free
  7. Okay, I want to give you a feedback, because you said, you were new on YouTube.
    first the positive:
    What I like is, that you discribed all very good and your quality from the video is very good, too ( HD, like I see)
    and what you should change (in my opinion):
    I think your video would be more interesting, if you talk in it. I would not watch this one, if I want to learn how to instal mods, I would look for one with someone, who talks. If you don't want to talk, make musik over it or somethink like that.

  8. Thank you very much for the feedback I can not speak becasue i am waiting for my turtle beach headset
  9. Yes, that was very supportive.

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  10. Ha ha Real funny:mad:
  11. Hey, I just meant, he could have been a little nicer, rather than "Make something someone wants to watch"
  12. Oh i see for some reason i think he doesn't like me
  13. Eheheh, as I always say
    "If they don't like you, oh well, there are other people"