[REGULAR EVENT] Spleef - SMP1 - 613

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  1. 2013-01-24_20.03.35.png

    Next game: undecided
    Prize: undecided
    Location: 613 - SMP1
    Rounds: undecided
    After spending about 3 days building it, 613 is finally open for Spleef! I'm proud of it, and I hope everyone else enjoys playing too. The rules are fairly simple - you can use any type of shovel (stone are provided for free) to try and knock everyone else to the depths (of about 3 blocks) below...

    • SpleefBot - capable of starting games/opening doors for me. It'll soon be able to detect when everyone has failed miserably someone has won - allowing pretty much automated games. (AKA lets me be lazy)
    • Large arena - I'm honestly not sure actually HOW large it is... but it's big enough.
    • Impossible to grief - a magical spell makes only finest snow breakable.
    • Fun
  3. Hmmm Interesting!. I am up for playing some spleef! No entry fee?
  4. Yep. :)
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  6. I somehow feel less special..... :(
  7. So how is it imposable to grief?
  8. I thought that part was rather obvious. :p
  9. An extremely magical powerful spell has been cast over the residence by a dark shadowy figure - allowing only the coldest of blocks to be destroyed.
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  10. Aikar?
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  11. That is I said.
  12. cool! I've never been in spleef before so i'm going to epicly fail but that's ok :D
  13. I want this for my arena... It is a auto stone gen arena. I'd like to see that automated game though.
  14. Why did you include Giants? xD
  15. When I've perfected it, I'll happily send you the scripts for the automated game. :)
    (it runs off macro mod and an alt)
  16. Oh, that sounds cool. I might tear my spleef arena down anyways. Would you like if I automated the arena with stone? I may supply the beacon on too.
  17. This res isn't setup to allow me to use stone as the playing field, although in the future, expect a PM from me. ;)
  18. So this is in about 2 hours?
    Just making sure I converted right.
  19. It's in 1 hour and 30 minutes. :)
  20. Wait, its at 5 GMT? :confused: