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  1. Hi. I'm a new player at SMP6 and made the poor decision to keep some stuff out in the wild in an open chest. On a late homecoming i found the chest gone, and all the stuff within as well. Now I'm saving up some cash to buy a lock, but my question really is this, is this a common thing? Maybe I'm naive, or maybe I just played on smaller servers before. Is this a thing to reckon with? Anybody else keep precious stuff in open chests?
  2. Yeah This happens fairly often here on SMP now it wasn't so bad when it was just SMP1-2 everyone basically new each other.

    But you should buy a lock if you want i can give some rupees towards one if you want :)

    like 500r?
  3. There I edited it :D
  4. Most people wouldnt leave valuable stuff in open chests. Valuable stuff is best kept in your res in town, locked chest or maybe even in an open chest far from spawn.
  5. Thanks for the offer but I'm close getting the cash for it. I just dont dig diamonds for a while :) And I guess maybe exercise some camoflauge skills :)
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  6. Well just keep the Diamonds on your inventory :D
  7. This has happened to me before, it even happened when i was still in my mine! some guy must have came along and smashed it as the items were lying on the floor

    I was lucky, but i feel bad for you.