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  1. This is just a "Regarding The Rules" kind of question. I have not actually done said thing yet and I'm just wondering if such a thing is allowed. Said Thing:


    Are we allowed to blackmail other payers upon the servers? now, I'm not going to go blackmail random people, only ones I have proof of stuff on...

    So can I?

  2. Lol.....

    All rulebreaks must be reported... Not benefitted from!
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  3. Its not a rulebreak
    It's more of Person 1 is looking for Person 2 because they do not like them and I'm hoping to blackmail Person 1 to keep quiet of their whereabouts....

    Is that legal?
  4. Helping people PVP or grief is not allowed, no.

    And blackmail is ofc not allowed in any way.
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  5. I'm not helping do anything- I'm just keeping my mouth shut for a price- is that bannable?
    " blackmail is a crime"
    as such it is illegal, from the URL, we can denote the server is based in the USA and as such;
    ' The offense of blackmail is created by 18 U.S.C. ยง 873 which provides:
    "Whoever, under a threat of informing, or as a consideration for not informing, against any violation of any law of the United States, demands or receives any money or other valuable thing, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both."'
    So yes you would be banned from EMC for breaching said Laws.
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  7. Thank you for being stragiht forward sir.
  8. Wow. Weirdest question I've seen in a long time anywhere. :confused:
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  9. First of all....
    Blackmailing is against the law in the USA, like B4DMAN5IMON said.
    Secondly, if you want to keep someone quiet who has a potential to break the rules, let them know that they will be banned if they do so. Have the potential victim watch his/her back and have their finger hovering over f2.