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  1. I believe this is Jack's important thread font? If not, whatever. So, last time I did this, it got pretty good reception for it, so I figured I may as well do another. Off we go!

    So, with all the 1.4 stuff going on, nothing has really been going straight. Everything is going well right, now, and it's time to explain how.

    Regarding 1.4 ID Packet bugs...
    So, many have been complaining about the "oh iz gettin kiked cuz i hav badd paket" but if you read this thread here you will know that it is all getting fixed. Aikar AND Justin have been working os hard behind the scenes, which is why you don't see them all too often. This brings me to my next point.

    Regarding Justin's Return...
    Many have been complaining that Justin said he has returned, but he hasn't been on in 21 days. What many of you DON'T realize, is that Justin is a father of a young daughter (Zoe) and a husband, a man with a job, in the Virgin Islands. What you also don't know is how hard Justin has been working with Aikar, AsscreamCow, and Maxarias to get everything straight. I promise that Justin will return in the future and save all of us from JackBiggin, AsscreamCow, and me. I promise.

    Regarding the Regarding Series that I am writing right now...
    I hope to continue this series sometime in the future, if it continues to get positive reception. This is my shortest one ever.

    Regarding the "Not enough players"
    So, many people have complained about how there aren't enough players on at once, and then you see posts about too many newbies? I sometimes see 40 players on at once, on 3 or 4 different servers, (meaning each of those servers has around 40 people). People have been leaving yes, but people have been joining. Soon, newbies will become veterans, veterans will become seniors, seniors will die and leave, Justin will stay Justin, AsscreamCow will enslave us all, but the point is, we have enough people, this server holds enough people for it not to be too crowded, but not to be so little.

    Regarding Chest Access signs...
    So, there have been some problems with [ ACCESS ] Signs, that is also being fixed. Aikar and Justin are still working their butts off to fix this, and I know it'll be fixed soon.

    EMC Rocks, 1.4 bugs suck <3

    -Yank, Your favorite 12 year old
  2. LOL WTF?
  3. AsscreamCow? IcecreamCow xD
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  4. AssCreamCow is ICC's username :p
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  5. Plus Max's poster...
  6. [ACCESS] signs seem to have been fixed, or for chests at least.
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  7. Lol
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  8. Holy Cheerios!
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  9. I see they like Corona beer :p
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  10. Not gonna lie, i love that fridge!
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  11. In case anyone was wondering, container perms being in use has been fixed :)
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  12. asscreamcow LOL!
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  13. Lol. Cool thread Yankees.
  14. You forgot the umlauts! :p

    Actually I'm not sure if there is a difference in Zoe and Zoë, You'll have to ask Justin or someone else whose language uses them :)

    xD First Eye-car, now Asscream Cow.

    I think you forgot a few in there.
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  15. Yes, yes, yes.
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  16. Me.
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  17. I haven't Loled in a while but when I read the name "asscreamcow", I nearly exploded.
  18. I love how much reception "AsscreamCow" has gotten >.< But anyways, thanks for responding guys :p
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  19. Response.