Reduced Block Lag

Discussion in 'Empire Updates' started by Aikar, May 13, 2014.

  1. Just wanted to inform everyone we updated BungeeCord to a custom version today to add a feature we needed to let us change the default server more effeciently.

    Before, the way we changed the default server was not 'supported' and caused the server to get laggy the more the default rotated.

    But, I have added a new feature to the software that lets us change the default without issues, so there should be less/no issues with block lag now hopefully!
  2. I'm glad that's fixed, I thought that it was a problem with my own bandwidth and I couldn't find out what's wrong.
  3. Yay! Less lag is always a good thing. :) Thanks, Aikar! :D We really appreciate all the work you do here.
  4. Yay! Thanks Aikar =)
  5. Brilliant! :) we have a few issues there at times. lol
  6. I occasionally have this issue, even in single player mode. I just assumed it was an issue inherent to Mojang code, or my pc (laptop) specs that caused occasional lag issues. Glad to hear things are being done to improve EMC's basic functions besides content creation.
  7. Finally! My FPS won't suck for once. :p (probably still will though, laggy computers ftw)
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  8. Awesome! Great to see that you're constantly working hard on EMC while balancing out life :)
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  9. Sadly, this fixes a different kind of lag. It should feel more responsive though.
    I really like the recent updates thing on the home page. I can discover so many new things like this.