Redstone war what should be the theme ?

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  1. hi im gonna be doing a redstone was at 4:00 pm eastern time today and i need a theme anyone got any ideas ?
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    Its mah first first post XD

    Anyways, I say that you should make the theme...


    Ya no, with those like booths were there are like ducks moving back and forth and you have to snipe them down, but with minecarts, and have a 3 rows, the 1st row being slower, and with powered minecarts (but you can use powered rails to save coal), the second row has half as many and is faster, and uses storage minecarts, and the 3rd row having just 1, regular minecart, going rly fast, so its small and hardest to hit, and make it so that when theyre hit, you do some type of redstone thing, so when they reach the other side of the booth, they continue into a back room, so you no that theyre shot down! XD

    And, of course, it might cost to play, but if it costs to play, there must be prizes, and there would have to be a limit on arrows whether it costs to play or not! XD

    And, also, there could be a roller coaster, or 2, or even more! XD

    And then there would be snack booths and other fun game booths like archery, where theres 1 target really far away, and, still, even more games that you see at carnivals! XD

    I made a dunking tank at 6167, Smp 3, theres a teleport to it in the teleport room, so you should include 1 of those, and even more games! XD
  3. lol
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  4. maybe i only got a hr to make the thing
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