Redstone Timing and latency.

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  1. Hello!

    I am putting up several models of zipper elevator to test latency issues. I am wondering how much latency affects them as I have one that works for me and one other but I have someone connecting from EU that cannot use it. I am wondering how much latency = 1 tick on a repeater? or an estimation. I would like my devices to be useable by everyone and it is a bit frustrating trying to figure this out on the fly. Any suggestions would be appreciative.
  2. It will totally depend on server load at a given time. But I await your results. :)
  3. It does change depending on server load. A few have tried and build pretty detailed elevators. problem is, what works one day, wont the next. You will get glitched off, through or around the piston. and possibly even kicked for "Fly hacking".

    just a few things I ran into when I tried (didnt make it far)
  4. There have been others that have posted about being kicked for too much speed and such while using boats associated with server lag. The Flying kick seems to make sense with an elevator system moving you fast.

    Ahh ... what server is it on?
  5. I'm from the EU and I have tried building an elevator, it did not work for me sadly.
  6. If you only want to time how the latency affects redstone on EMC, the easiest way to do this is to build a line of pistons on a repeater circuit and turn it on.

    When I had this as a feature of a game I used to run, every day I had to change the Repeater timings as it would never run to the same speed as when originally set. Sometimes it'd go slower, sometimes it'd go faster.

    Nightmare. :)
  7. its impossible to control the sec pr. tick.

    and dont do elevators unless you know what your doing - cause YouTube doesnt do SMP builds ;)
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