Redstone Ready, opening soon!

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  1. Redstone Ready
    Redstone ready is a company bringing you in game computers, televisions and more. We take customer satisfaction seriously. Our network used is Funnel Network. Computers: We have both Pc and laptop computers. A laptop computer cost 100r, and a pc computer cost 210. When your computer is being built, we can adjust to make it more you. Television: We have flat screen and bulky televisions. A regular flat screen cost 150r, and a regular bulky television cost around 300r. We can adjust the look to make it more you. Please PM me if you would like to buy from Redstone Ready. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. Do you sell individual redstone items?
  3. Are you actually making working redstone machines?
  4. They aren't completely done, but they will be soon. I have the design planned out. Now i need to get more of each. Wont be for another week though.
  5. Do you have a shop floor for us to see display models?
  6. can I have a TV please? I'm not sure on the price
  7. It's coming soon, I almost have everything done. I thought I might as well get thread ready. And yes, once I get my second res (very soon :D) I will have a display floor.
  8. xo
    Do you want a decor model or the real redstone one, I can build the model right now if you'd like
  9. real redstone one please
  10. the television, I can build it tomorrow 500r
  11. sure deal, but what does it use like lamps or ?
  12. it uses redstone, levers, sticky pistons, and i will need a few lamps
  13. awesome so could you do it on res 9348?
  14. Yes, tomorrow around 4 :D
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