Redstone question

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  1. Do monostable circuits work on emc? I am working on a project and the one I have made doesn't seem to be working.
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  2. Make sure they are set up right, should work.
  3. I figured it out, just had to use a rising and falling edge circuit
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  4. Not sure what kind of circuit you're trying to create. Can you be more specific without revealing any secrets of your design?

    Single tick pulses will not cause pistons to fire. This is an EMC change due to the numerous glitches it causes in the vanilla handling. So certain designs (slime sweeper) just have to be slowed down a little, and if you're counting ticks may have to adjust for the extra time per piston.
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  5. Is there a working slime sweeper design for EMC?
  6. Yes, WitherDoggie did one.
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