Redstone question - Working pistons off of two different switches?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Had a look around, can't find the answer and it's causing me minor headaches.

    I have pistons which control the access into my Res. If I punch a switch downstairs, they open. I have a switch upstairs that I punch and they close.

    However, I cannot then open them from the downstairs switch, should I TP back to my Res and end up outside.

    Any idea how I make the pistons work regardless which position either switch is in?

  2. If I understand you, you have two buttons that should make the doors either open or close. If you want that you want to connect two buttons to a t flip flop. I have created an example in my res for you that does this. Pressing either button will either open or close the doors. Look for my store room and you should find the example. ( SMP3 6033 )
  3. you could use a tflipflop and buttons like d1223m said, or use an XOR Gate with your switches
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  4. No need for flip flops, XOR gates, AND gates or anything else.
    If you are using a button as power source, simply connect it to the doors directly or whatever setup you have.
    If the power source is a lever then is another story...
    The buttons are awesome 'case are a single tick, tho the levers are a continuous power source.
  5. If you are using switches, then if one switch is powered, the whole circuit is going to be powered -- this is what is causing your bottom switch to not function properly. Like importerer, I would suggest an xor gate, which will solve the problem.
    If you want templates for logic gates, a great guide is here