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  1. hey guys i,ve been thinking about this for a while do you excel at redstone? well here,s your chance this is a once in a life time opportunity this is a hidden feature of me i am a expert at redstone so im hiring 5 lucky people for redstone inc but here,s how you enter build good redstone invention on your res or wild i will take a look the top 5 builders of those machines will be in redstone inc. :) i wish you the best of luck on building. -spyrovsgnorg
  2. What do you build?
  3. do you have any examples of redstone (your creations, and not off youtube) on EMC i can look at?
  4. Was about to say the same—Maybe you could take screenshots of some of YOUR redstone designs and update the OP with them? Some people may be interested but need more information before taking the bait. :)
  5. i haven.t built any redstone thinging atm but i will soon
  6. So you're starting a redstone company but haven't built anything?
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  7. I smell something fishy, and not minecraft fish.....
  8. i have only worked on redstone in private worlds i do not know a whole lot about command blocks
  9. I'm sure people wouldn't mind what server came from as long as they're yours. ;)
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  10. i usally work with spawners / repeaters im still learning compareters
  11. So you are paying people to join a company you don't know how to run?
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  12. You claimed to be an expert.
  13. i dont even get that?
  14. If your still learning your not an expert. I'm not bashing you just trying to figure out how to help you reword your advertisement.
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