Redstone house

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  1. i will pay 100r if someone can make a house from redstone dust!
  2. impossible
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  3. A house out of redstone dust? Dont you mean redstone ore?
  4. How do you anticipate a structure being built from dust?
    You can build a structure out of Redstone ORE but to do that you would need to silktouch redstone while mining.
  5. It is posible
    No i mean redstone dust!
  6. Please explain how :)
  7. think just think
  8. It is impossible for if you break the block under the redstone dust the redstone dust will be destroyed. This is minecraft not real life. We can't pile up redstone dust to make walls. Unless you mean a house powered by redstone. That would make more sense.
  9. Redstone dust can be incorporated into the design of a house. But dust by its self can not make a structure.
    I encourage you to prove me wrong.
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  10. tbh I think he is just trolling. I smell a very sour/unfunny punch line coming that will lower his reputation in the field of "Maturity".

    any second now...
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  11. There is nothing to prove wrong. It is simply impossible but I am sure in future versions of minecraft there will eventually be something like that incorporated into the game, but, for now, no such thing is possible.
  12. Which is why I assume he is trolling.

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  13. Well let us see him speak for himself.
  14. As soon as he shows us how, I want him to make a house out of Ghast tears. lmao
  15. Ok guys

    this is my redstone home

  16. Ok this is the first successful troll I've seen :D
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  17. Is this what you meant by trolling leowaste?
  18. Got 'em
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  19. Lol. Troll much?