Redstone Help

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  1. The tree farm part? Though I think it will lag a lot with all those pistons
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  2. Yes, the tree farm part.

    It doesn't lag as bad as you think it does.
  3. How do you know that it doesn't lag? Have you made it on the sever already? Redstone tends to lag a lot on servers no matter how good the hardware is.
  4. I've got a good bit of it made already, I'm just a bit stuck with it.

    And I have 2 other redstone contraptions that have a lot more yet don't lag at all.
  5. Ok. What part are you stuck on?
  6. I've got the sticky pistons all setup, I just cant get the budswitch to activate them all working. I'm also having trouble getting the 2nd bud switch to work, which appears a bit later in the video.

    Pthagaard has a working model of this farm on one of his res's if you want to use it as an example.
  7. In our maze project we used alot of redstone. And we do encounter lagg but we did use a really huge amount of redstone. I don't think I can help with this project I'm sorry
  8. i will bo it for 2.5 with supplies no problem i will actually make it better let me know
  9. Come over to 1505 on SMP1
  10. cant do it now ill do it on friday ok i really love building these things trus me just wait for me and ill hook u up i can make this epic
  11. Well, I have another person right now attempting it... Let's see how he does xP
  12. alright if it isnt good enough let me know ill do it for 2.5 on friday ok
  13. Why can't it be done till Friday?
  14. because thats when my mac book gets sent back to get repaired
  15. If anyone's interested, I still need help with this.
  16. I'll drop by when I'm done farming my nether wart.
  17. win.
  18. that seems complacatied
  19. Not really :p