Redstone help needed

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  1. If you're a redstone god then I need your help figuring some stuff out. I'll provide materials and compensation.

    What I'm attempting to do is have eight droppers in a 7x7 square that alternate turning on. If we can randomize it too that is a bonus.

    PM me please.
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  2. Apocryphan is the best at redstone, but not sure if he is willing to take on this project.
    You can ask him.
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  3. are the droppers above or below, what pattern, want pseudo random or 8 randomizers? I've been working on a pseudo random algorithm, how fast or slow? did you want it to cycle through them all once before doing it again (slow) or have them all with an X% chance to fire every 4th tick?

    or should I just make an adjustable one using a few item frames to adjust? I'll work on a few randomizers until you can get me some pics and specifications.
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  4. Pseudo random is just a carry adder with a range of 0-7, that keeps adding 3 or 6, alternating randomly or try some presets like "3" thrice and "6" once. The sequence will go as such when adding 3: 0,3,6,1,4,7,2,5,0.... and when adding "6" it will skip 1 output: 0,6,4,2,0 or 3,1,7,5,3. So switching to "6" every 4th will give you a trigger set: 0,3,6,1,7, 2,5,0,6, 1,4,7,5, 0,3,6,4, 7,2,5,3, 6,1,4,2, 5,0,3,1

    Following a pattern of +3,+3,+3,+6, on a base 8 (octal or 0-7). I can use other ways, but this seemed best for your need. It should be easy using my analog carry adder to implement it in a single small clock and use an implies gate to split it to 8 outputs.
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  5. Here is my analog carry adder, the later pics get into multipliers and even signal splitting for reducing the input time to use a solid signal strength of x and an analog divider.
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  6. OMG, Wow.
    Thanks for sharing this.
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  7. finished product is done, the blue decoder can be subbed for any other Analog to 1 output decoder, I can custom fit it to your 7x7 area, and keep the clock hidden under it or above, and then carry 1 wire to all the outputs.

    via Imgflip GIF Maker

    The pattern I would use:

    Just to show how specific I can program Analog, the smart wheat farm I started prior to my return:

    Edit: and this wheat farm uses 1 tick comparators, which have proven to be a challenge for most redstoners, in fact I am one who pioneered it when everyone said comparators needed 2 ticks. But, EMC disabled 1 tick pulses with pistons, so this can't be made on emc unless I slow it down, so this will never be on emc this fast.
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  8. this is kind of amazing. i went with something much simpler since it fits my use. i guess i needed less than a "redstone god" for this one lol
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