[Redstone] Fastest Redstone Signal Downwards!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by nfell2009, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Hi EMC!

    After working with redstone and finding a easy way to get it to go down I made a video! :D Here it is:

  2. There are much faster ways...
  3. Like?
  4. I can post a video if you want to?
  5. Uploading it to youtube now - Give it 10
  6. You need a new Mic and a Fraps licence :D
  7. Fraps? And i know wanna see my mic? :p
  8. NOPE
    The video seems a bit laggy meaning he doesn't have a fast enough pc to use fraps because fraps kills around 90% of your frame rate.
    What he needs though is:
    Someone with A Powerful Gaming Pc
    Someone with a full fraps license
    Someone with a full version of Camtasia Studio Forever
    Someone that wants to help him make videos
    Someone that has a 2000 after their name
    Someone that has a Jeanzl at the start of their name
  9. Wonder who? Jeanzl2000 do you know?
    i just cant see who.
  10. IDK. I just googled my post and copied and pasted.
  11. PM me :p
  12. Mines propper!

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  13. Works fine for me
  14. ...? I don't get it. The method joshposh outlined is how I've been getting a signal to go down forever. I thought that was common knowledge.