Redstone Expo Take 2

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  1. Last summer I started the redstone expo and with the help of Ismooch and Deathtomb, it really took off. Sadly, things went down hill and the project has since been scratched. Learning from the mistakes of last time, I am hoping to try again with the idea.

    What is this:
    The goal of the expo is to let players show off their Redstone creations and give others some help and advise.
    For the redstone builders:
    The core idea of this is to give redstone masters a chance to show off their skills. Entrance in the expo gets you into contests, a booth to show your skill, and fun challenges. You don't need to be on all of the time. Once you create your devise, the rest of the expo is completely optional. If you like teaching then there will be classes for you to host and show other players how to build with redstone.

    For those who don't build redstone:
    Don't stop reading! This is for you too. You will be able to see the amazing things others have created and learn from some of the best. Players who fit this catagory are the ones who vote, watch competitions, and learn about the awesomeness of redstone.

    Currently needed:

    Designers and builders:
    I have no artistic ability and am terrible at creating cool buildings. That is where you come in. I am hosting a contest to see who can create the best design.
    1. Must be original
    2. Created on single player first
    3. Should fit on a standard plot
    4. The exact details will be discussed with the contest winner.
    Submission format:
    lobby: (picture of first floor/lobby)
    Booth flore: (picture of example floor with 8 20x20x20 booths and a central area also 20x20x20)
    Outside: (picture of outside)

    Why this format? The design should be expandable so having the bases makes it easily stacked as needed.

    Your build will remain on my plot to be used as a public event center/arcade. I will make no profit off of its future use.

    Needed Later: Redstone contraptions so begin work on them
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