[Redstone :D] Horse Cycling System

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  1. A problem I've seen with horse shops is that you can only look at one horse per chest. Yes, you can refill it using hoppers, but that means someone has to buy the horse, and then let it restock.

    So, I've created a "cycling" system- you press a button and the horse in the chest changes. This way you can set up "tiers" of horses to go sell for the same price.

    This system works with up to 10 horses (I think). 9 in the dropper, 1 in the chest shop.



    Now, I'm going to attempt to explain everything.

    When the button is pressed, it lets the hopper underneath the chest shop suck the horse egg from above. That item is sent into an item elevator, which leads into a hopper chain into the dropper. Once the comparator on the other side of the chest shop detects that an item is missing from the chest shop, it sends a signal to the dropper, placing a horse egg into a chest, then into a hopper, which restocks the chest shop.

    So, anyone have a way to compact this? It's pretty bulky at the moment to be honest XD. And it sometimes glitches up when there are only 1 or 2 horse eggs in the system....

    If you'd like to take a look at one, go to 8080 on smp4.
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  2. I think this might work well with my gift card system.It could easily fit on the side.
  3. That is pretty slick, I like it (but I like all redstone creations). I could see why it would glitch with only 1 or 2 horses in the system, it would need some sort of filler, like lemon horses that no one would buy. But of course there is always someone who would buy it, lol.